Although, at present, we are not using the main church building for worship, we continue to worship and maintain all our other regular activities in the church hall buildings.  Even here a number of changes have been made.  Firstly, and to most people most importantly, we have had new central heating systems fitted.  The electrical wiring has also been replaced throughout the building, and we have converted three, previously separate, rooms into a new, enlarged worship space.  In was on 2nd September 2018 that the Church Meeting decided that we should not sell the church hall buildings but should redevelop them instead.  We set ourselves the seemingly impossible target of using the new worship space for the first time on Christmas Day!  Thanks to a lot of hard work by a number of church members our first service in the new chapel was held on 23rd December.

Obviously, a lot of money has been spent on what we’ve achieved so far.  However, we are reaching the extent of our budget so we’re launching an appeal to raise money to pay for floor covering and blinds in the new worship area.  We know that people have been very generous in their giving so far, and we have achieved a significant amount, but if you feel able to contribute to these final fittings, no matter how small a contribution, please get in touch with Doris Rimmer, our Church Treasurer.

In addition to all this work, we continue to seek funding for the major project of remodelling the church building to provide both worship and community facilities.

This is what the new chapel (converted from three rooms by knocking down two walls) looked like at the end of November ….

… and this is what it looks like now …